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FrSky VD5M 2.4G 5CH Micro Receiver

FrSky VD5M 2.4G 5CH Micro Receiver
FrSky VD5M 2.4G 5CH Micro Receiver


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FrSky VD5M 2.4G 5CH Micro Receiver

Brand Name: FrSky
Item Name: FrSky VD5M Receiver                                                                                    
Dimension: 21 x 16 x 5.8mm                                                                              
Weight: 2.0g
Number of Channels: 5
Operating Voltage Range: 3.0V-7.2V
Operating Current: 20mA
Operating Range: >300M
Connector Specification: 1.25mm pitch Features:
Super small and light, designed for park flyers and indoor aircrafts;
Compatible with all FrSky modules (V8 mode & D mode), receive only (VD5M can talk with module of either mode, but it does not send any telemetry information back to the transmitter Compatibility:

Channels Connected by Binding Cable Mode of VD5M FrSky Compatible Modules
CH1 & CH5

V8 Mode



DFT, DJT, DHT, DHT-U in V8 Mode 

(Switch 1 OFF, Switch 2 ON)

CH2 & CH5 D Mode (Telemetry)

DFT, DJT, DHT, DHT-U in D Mode

(Switch 1 OFF, Switch 2 OFF)

Note: Make sure corresponding channels are connected by provided binding cable when working with the transmitter module. Package Included:
1 x FrSky VD5M Receiver          

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